This is Vutall Industries! Let the sound take you away.

Welcome to Vutall Industries. This page showcases mixes as well as gives details for upcoming Frequency Underground events in Madison, WI.

About Me

Vutall, A.K.A. Thomas Omar Stavlo has been a DJ since 2012. He started out as an online radio DJ for the website EVE RADIO. Every Friday he played a 2 to 3 hour long set of various dance music for hundreds across the world to enjoy. Not satisfied with playing fto a faceless crowd however, Vutall met up with a group in Tucson, Arizona, known as J.A.M (Just Add Music) and ventured into underground house parties. The creator of those events eventually went on to form a monthly dance music event known as Chateu Disco. Vutall branched out in other ways though, and due to a family emergency he moved back to Wisconsin in 2016 and began performing as a Mobile DJ for Sound F-X at various bars in the Wisconsin Dells region. It was a different direction, but taught him a lot about crowd readind and how to manage a music night. Seeing there was little dance music scenes in Madison where he lived, he began organizing a new underground scene known as Frequency Underground. It started out as a house party at 13 S Blair, where for four months he brought in local talent and partied hard from 9pm til 4am. The event grew too large to host at his house though and now he conducts a monthly show in the upstairs of the Rigby, right next to the Capitol Square. Vutall also often plays out with other Madison electronic groups such as Foshizzle and Below. Culiminating his first year in Madison, Vutall will be hosting a private campout and mini festival with over 20 different DJs and talents from the Madison/Chicago/Milwaukee region. Follow Vutall on his facebook for more information and information about upcoming events!


What is a DJ without a mix? Below you can find the most current mix Vutall has conducted, and in the future this space will also showcase other DJs from the area. Click on the track list picture to have the mix play in a new tab. Right click, save as to download the mix. Check the Archives page for previous posts.

Older Mixes

"Jackin House 1"

Older Mixes

"Tavernakaya May 19th 2017"

Older Mixes



Please feel free to contact me via the social media sites to the sidebar, or by filling out the form below to email me. If you are wanting to inquire about events, venues, or gigs, please leave a contact name and number, as well as details for the show.